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The famous Santa Claus statue on Santa Clause lane greeted passerby's since 1950. After more than 50 years at its perch, Santa was removed to allow for renovation of the area.

Santa Claus Lane is also home to a beautiful beach, restaurants, shops, and a number of private beach homes.  It is isolated from the rest of Carpinteria by the estuary and is sort of in a world of its own.

The thing I like most about visiting Santa Claus Lane is its eclectic nature.  You will find a candy shop and toy store (thus the Santa), a surf shop, a sophisticated market with an excellent selection of Santa Barbara county wines, a curio shop, and a wedding/catering facility.


Directions:  Take the 101 to Santa Claus Lane exit.   Northbound:  Turn left at the bottom of the exit and go back under the freeway.  Turn left on Santa Claus Lane.  Southbound:  At the bottom of the exit there will be a stop sign.  Go straight and you will be able to park along Santa Claus Lane.