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The Carpinteria Valley is a one of the most beautiful and diverse regions on the Central Coast and has a small-town charm loved by all who come to visit or live here.

During the development of, we found that there were very few pictures of our unique community available for the world to see on the web. This lead to the development of the Carpinteria Valley Picture Library, a growing, visual documentary of this region spanning from the Polo Fields to Rincon Point.

For each region we created two Web photo albums: High Resolution (1400 x 1100 pixels) and Standard Resolution (350 x 260 pixels). The Standard Resolution photo albums offer the fastest browsing speed while the High Resolution photo albums offer the largest picture size.

Terms of use: Pictures may be used free of charge with the expressed written consent of

Photo Albums


Photo Album

The Rincon Point Area standard hi-res
Sunset at Rincon Point standard hi-res
Surfing at Rincon Point standard hi-res
The Bluffs standard hi-res
Agricultural East Carpinteria standard hi-res
Linden Avenue Area standard hi-res
Carpinteria Ave standard hi-res
Sandyland standard hi-res
Carpinteria Memorial Park standard hi-res
The Marsh standard hi-res
Santa Claus Lane standard hi-res
The Polo Club standard hi-res