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Santa Barbara County’s United Way’s leadership, experience and breadth of resources effectively address the most important health and human service problems in our community.

As they told us, "Today’s problems are complex and require multi-faceted solutions.  Uniquely positioned to bring about positive community change, Santa Barbara County’s United Way gains strength from the leadership and contributions of many people and organizations in our community.  United Way surrounds issues by focusing resources on services that can deliver results and improve not only the lives of people but our communities overall.

"We receive more charitable gifts from more people than any other charity in Santa Barbara County: Over 15,00 individuals and 500 businesses contribute.  A thirty-one member voluntary board of directors governs the organization.  Each, year, over 2,500 people volunteer to help in various ways.  To continually improve efficiency and effectiveness, the fund raising and fund distribution processes are closely tied to market research, community needs assessments and demographics.

"Our Value and services are aimed at fulfilling out mission of “helping Santa Barbara people and communities help themselves by being the best contributor driven charity”.  Along with the more traditional health &human services, we make job search & preparation, entrepreneur training, child initiatives for working people & job seekers, home ownership, workplace assistance, and economic development services available.  Many of these services are delivered by innovative multi-agency collaborations."

Their motto:  “You & I…helping local people as no one else can”

Contact Information:
Santa Barbara County’s United Way
320 East Gutierrez Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Tel: 805-965-8591
Fax: 805-962-3461