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Each year, the use of hand-held GPS (Global Positioning System) receivers becomes more common place. With a GPS receiver, you can instantly know the latitude and longitude coordinates of your current location. It can tell you how fast you are moving, how high you are above sea level and where to turn to get to another known location.

Listed below are selected GPS coordinates throughout Carpinteria Valley and surrounding areas.

Location Description Latitude
nn° nn' nn"
nnn° nn' nn"
Alder Creek stream 342914N 1193125W
Aliso Elementary School school 342404N 1193135W
Birnam Wood Golf Club locale 342558N 1193635W
Blue Canyon Campground locale 342934N 1193547W
Blue Canyon Pass gap 342910N 1193323W
Blue Canyon Trail trail 342927N 1193458W
Buell Reservoir reservoir 342638N 1193409W
Buena Vista Reservoir reserve 342656N 1193639W
Canalino Elementary School school 342415N 1193051W
Carpinteria populated place 342356N 1193103W
Carpinteria Branch Santa Barbara Public Library building 342351N 1193059W
Carpinteria Cemetery cemetery 342443N 1193219W
Carpinteria Chamber of Commerce building 342356N 1193101W
Carpinteria City Beach park 342340N 1193134W
Carpinteria City Hall building 342329N 1193027W
Carpinteria Civic Center building 342329N 1193027W
Carpinteria Community Church church 342353N 1193052W
Carpinteria Community Swimming Pool park 342340N 1193047W
Carpinteria Creek stream 342325N 1193110W
Carpinteria Girls Club building 342345N 1193107W
Carpinteria High School school 342438N 1193059W
Carpinteria Middle School school 342343N 1193050W
Carpinteria Post Office post office 342342N 1193046W
Carpinteria State Beach park 342331N 1193113W
Carpinteria Union School District Office building 342412N 1193053W
Carpinteria Valley Baptist Church church 342355N 1193107W
Carpinteria Valley Museum of History building 342351N 1193059W
Casitas Plaza Shopping Center locale 342341N 1193040W
Church of Christ church 342356N 1193108W
Church of the Nazarene church 342418N 1193145W
College of the Queen of Peace Jesuit Novitiate school 342631N 1193447W
Cottam Campground locale 342938N 1193648W
Crane Country Day School school 342528N 1193707W
Doulton Tunnel tunnel 342825N 1193308W
El Carro Park park 342418N 1193033W
Escondido Canyon valley 342912N 1193402W
Estero, El swamp 342403N 1193208W
Faith Lutheran Church church 342408N 1193044W
Fernald Point cape 342508N 1193709W
First Baptist Church of Carpinteria church 342429N 1193046W
First Church of Christ Scientist church 342348N 1193058W
Fleischmann Field park 342512N 1193340W
Forbush Canyon valley 342947N 1193639W
Franciscan Village populated place 342428N 1193214W
Franklin Canyon valley 342415N 1193108W
Franklin Creek stream 342344N 1193142W
Franklin Creek Park park 342423N 1193102W
Franklin Trail trail 342725N 1193007W
Garrapata Creek stream 342559N 1193415W
Heath Ranch Park park 342427N 1193120W
Immaculate Heart College school 342653N 1193724W
Immaculate Heart of Mary Novitiate (historical) school 342641N 1193722W
Jameson Lake reservoir 342922N 1193019W
Jameson Lake reservoir 342900N 1193024W
Juncal 34-002 Dam dam 342900N 1193024W
Juncal Campground locale 342919N 1193218W
Juncal Civilian Conservation Corps Camp (historical) locale 342913N 1193224W
Juncal Dam dam 342932N 1193025W
La Casa de Maria Conference and Retreat Center building 342641N 1193722W
Las Fuentes Ranch (historical) locale 342622N 1193651W
Lookout County Park park 342513N 1193604W
Loon Point cape 342446N 1193431W
Main Elementary School school 342344N 1193102W
Memorial Park park 342421N 1193128W
Mishopshnow (historical) populated place 342332N 1193115W
Morse Creek stream 342905N 1193052W
North Fork Juncal Creek stream 342939N 1193004W
North Portal tunnel 342908N 1193228W
Oil Canyon valley 342603N 1193255W
Old Town populated place 342416N 1193145W
Ortega populated place 342459N 1193505W
Ortega Dam dam 342554N 1193530W
Ortega Hill summit 342519N 1193628W
Ortega Reservoir reservoir 342554N 1193530W
Paredon, Arroyo stream 342445N 1193323W
Park Lane Reservoir reservoir 342651N 1193659W
Picay Creek stream 342604N 1193545W
Rancho Granada Mobile Homes (subdivision) populated place 342335N 1193011W
Romero Canyon valley 342638N 1193537W
Romero Canyon Creek Number 18 Debris Basin Dam dam 342642N 1193530W
Romero Creek stream 342509N 1193712W
Romero Reservoir reservoir 342648N 1193550W
Romero Saddle gap 342834N 1193540W
Romero Saddle Guard Station (historical) locale 342833N 1193540W
Romero Trail trail 342906N 1193514W
Saint Joseph Catholic Church church 342418N 1193050W
San Roque Mobile Home (subdivision) populated place 342337N 1193020W
San Ysidro Canyon valley 342639N 1193718W
San Ysidro Creek stream 342508N 1193727W
San Ysidro Trail trail 342807N 1193718W
Sand Point cape 342346N 1193209W
Sandpiper Mobile Home Park populated place 342433N 1193224W
Sandyland populated place 342417N 1193244W
Sandyland Cove populated place 342348N 1193149W
Santa Barbara Polo Grounds locale 342505N 1193340W
Santa Monica Canyon valley 342510N 1193135W
Santa Monica Creek stream 342345N 1193210W
Santa Monica Debris 2010 Dam dam 342518N 1193130W
Seaside Theatre building 342350N 1193100W
Serena populated place 342445N 1193319W
Serena Park populated place 342507N 1193418W
South Portal tunnel 342737N 1193351W
Summerland populated place 342517N 1193544W
Summerland Elementary School school 342517N 1193545W
Summerland Post Office post office 342522N 1193601W
Summerland Presbyterian Church church 342515N 1193545W
The Carpenters Chapel church 342357N 1193109W
Toro Canyon valley 342545N 1193430W
Toro Canyon populated place 342512N 1193358W
Toro Canyon County Park park 342625N 1193336W
Toro Canyon Creek stream 342455N 1193357W
Toro Canyon Reservoir reserve 342553N 1193444W
Torro Saddle gap 342753N 1193256W
Tunnel Number Two tunnel 342920N 1193039W
Upper Blue Canyon Campground locale 342910N 1193415W
Valley Club locale 342559N 1193652W
Veterans Memorial Hall building 342351N 1193059W