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Carpinteria is a small town rich in resources, economic opportunity, beauty and local commitment to its way of life.  

It is an unusual town for Southern California, where many communities are either business or residential.  There is a strong downtown area that contains a blend of businesses - from grocery stores to restaurants, from antique shops to candy shops, from banks to civic organizations.  Residential areas are scattered and each has its own unique flavor and charm.

Vital Stats - Information about the city of Carpinteria. How big is it?  Where is it?  What's it known for in the area?
Top Picks - There are some places that do what they do really well.  Who's got the best breakfast?
Organizations - Who are the heroes of Carpinteria?  What are their causes?
The Library - Not only do they have a good selection but they can get what you need.
The Train Station  Want to visit surrounding communities but don't want to bring your car?  Try the train!
The Pool - If you need lessons, exercise, sport or a place to let the kids use up their extra energy while you get some sun, the municipal pool is the best place to go.
The Shuttle - Getting around Carp is easy!  Take the shuttle.
Picture Library - A visual documentary of this region spanning from the Polo Fields to Rincon Point.
GPS Coordinates - Each year, the use of hand-held GPS (Global Positioning System) receivers become more common place as location-finding tool. Here we provide you a table of GPS coordinates of selected destinations in and around Carpinteria Valley.