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Carpinteria has a large number of neighborhood parks perfect for picnics and after-dinner strolls.  

Most of the parks do not have grilling or restroom facilities.  However, facilities are often within walking distance.


El Carro Park - the best park if you are looking for grilling, picnic and restroom facilities.
Franklin Park - a great local park for catching Frisbee
Heath Ranch Park
Linden Park - centrally located near beaches and parking
Lions Club Park - a private park but many events are held here
Lookout Park - a Summerland park worth checking out

Memorial Park - a popular neighborhood park for families

Monte Vista Park - great playground and large grassy area.  Perfect for children and a game of catch.

Rincon Beach County Park - the official name of the beach, great multipurpose area

Tar Pits Park - the only park in Carpinteria with direct beach access, this park is a wonderful, albiet rustic, place to wander and ponder.  It's also historically and ecologically a very 'neat' place to go. 

Toro Canyon Park - a county park easily within distance of Carpinteria.  It is a gorgeous park with complete facilities, hiking trails and playgrounds.