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This beach is considered a local beach.  There aren't any official parking lots or facilities.  You will have to bring everything with you that you're going to need - food, water, sun screen - the works.  You can park along a stretch of Santa Claus Lane and then walk over the train tracks.

If it sounds rustic, it is.  However, you have fewer crowds than you would at the other beaches in town.  Beginning surfers often come here to practice before hitting the Rincon.  When we came one evening to take pictures, we were treated to a family of about 35 dolphins riding the waves.  You won't see that at a busy beach!

Our favorite perk is when you're all done swimming, you can swing by the Santa Claus Candy Shop and load up on wonderful treats!



Directions:  Take the 101 to Santa Claus Lane exit.   Northbound:  Turn left at the bottom of the exit and go back under the freeway.  Turn left on Santa Claus Lane.  Southbound:  At the bottom of the exit there will be a stop sign.  Go straight and you will be able to park along Santa Claus Lane.