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Located at the very end of Linden Avenue, this beach is easily one of the most beautiful anywhere.  The southern exposure makes for even bathing and superb crosswinds. For years it was lauded as one of safest in the world.  The combination of the Channel Islands (which you can see quite well) and the long slopping sea floor minimize undercurrents, providing bathers with an extra measure of safety.

The sands are well tended and merge seamlessly into the State Park.  There are lifeguards on duty during the summer and the abundance of vacation rentals give this part of town a decidedly festive atmosphere.

Free parking is usually something of a problem but you can enter via Palm and pay $5 for a day in the State Park lot.  



Amenities include bathroom facilities, volleyball, surfing, and foot rinse stations.  Lifeguards are on duty during the summer and the beach is raked often.  Make sure to bring those jelly shoes to this beach, as there are active tar leaks in and among the rocks.  

For all of its amenities and central location, however, this beach is not well visited by vendors.  Four blocks down Linden you will find them but that means abandoning your gear, finding your shoes, etc. With the exception of the occasional ice cream truck, you won't find easy access to water, food, or snacks.  Make sure to bring your own.

Directions:  Southbound:  Take the 101 to Linden Avenue. Turn right at the stop sign at the end of the ramp.  Follow Linden until it ends at the beach.

Northbound:  Take the 101 to Casitas Pass.  At the top of the ramp turn left.  When Casita's pass ends on Carpinteria Avenue, turn right.  At the next light (Linden Avenue) turn left.  Drive until Linden ends at the beach.