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There are a number of excellent beaches in and around Carpinteria.

The gorgeous long beach that fronts the ocean along the length of the city itself is actually considered two beaches - one Carpinteria City and one Carpinteria State.  Southeast of the city is home to the famous Rincon Beach, which is world renown for its surfing.  Then, northwest of the city is Padero Beach, which is more of an unofficial beach known primarily to locals.  When visiting Carpinteria beaches, there are a few important things to remember.

1.  Bring your own supplies.  The city and state beaches have complete facilities, but the others do not.  In particular, bring water along since none of the beaches really have general stores nearby.

2.  Wear beach sandals.  The gel kind are perfect.  Carpinteria is well endowed with tar that seeps up from the rocks along the coast.  It is a natural phenomenon that can leave black sticky tar spots on the bottom of your feet and all over the inside of your car.   

3.  Bring and use sunscreen.  It's very deceptive along the coast.  The breezes are cool and the coast is often hazy.  However, you are still dealing with Southern California sunshine.  Most locals have an umbrella that they bring to extend the amount of time they can play in the sand.

4.  Pick up after yourself.  Although that's always a good idea, Padero and Rincon are fairly rural and any litter you leave is less likely to be picked up than on a more urban beach.

5.  Keep an eye out for beach closures.  The stretch of beach between the Bluffs and Tar Pits Park is closed from December through May because of seal pups.  Some stretches are also closed at various times for bird hatching.  You can and will be chased out of these areas so avoid the stress and respect those areas.